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Smokey Bones ®
60 total items
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    Garlic-Glazed Sirloin

    Hand Pulled Pork, Regular sized

    Hand-Pulled Pork, Value sized

    Kickin' Crab Chowder (Cup)

    Loaded Mashed Potatoes

    Mini Beefies
    a trio of bite-size burgers fire-grilled and brushed with sweet glaze, topped with sauteed onions in BBQ sauce and melted American cheese on toasted little buns

    Mini Hotties
    hand-breaded Flippin' Fingers chopped and tossed in fiery buffalo sauce with shredded lettuce, bleu cheese dressing and toasted mini buns

    Mo' Better Bread
    sweet, skillet-baked cornbread served with honey pecan butter

    Naked Grilled Chicken Sandwich

    Nutty Chicken Salad, Regular sized

    Nutty Chicken Salad, Value sized

    Nutty Grilled Chicken Salad, Regular sized

    Nutty Grilled Chicken Salad, Value sized

    One Hot Chix

    Pretzel Bones
    Bavarian soft pretzel sticks served with sweet honey mustard, creamy queso and garlic Parmesan dipping sauces

    Pulled Pork


    Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast, Regular sized

    Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast, Value sized

    Smoked Beef Brisket, Regular sized

    Smoked Beef Brisket, Value sized

    Smoked St. Louis Ribs (1/3 Rack)

    Smoked St. Louis Ribs (Full Rack)

    Smoked St. Louis Ribs (House Rack)

    Smoked Turkey Sandwich

    Smoked Wings, 8-piece
    hand-tossed in rib rub and double hickory smoked, then golden fried and tossed in Memphis style dry rub and drizzled with sweet glaze

    Smokehouse Burger

    Smokehouse Chicken, Regular sized

    Smokehouse Chicken, Value sized

    Southwest Chicken Salad

    Steak and Spinach Salad

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