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Peace Cereal ®
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    Apple Cinnamon Low Fat Crisp breakfast cereal
    apples, oat clusters, cinnamon, sweet molasses, and corn flakes (USDA Organic)

    Banana Nut Rainforest Crisp breakfast cereal
    real banana bits, natural oat clusters, crispy corn flakes and plenty of cashews (73% Organic)

    Essential 10 breakfast cereal
    organic , vegan high-fiber cereal with a blend of cinnamon toasted grains, organic whole wheat, rolled oats and flax seeds (USDA Organic)

    Essential Shape breakfast cereal
    weight management cereal, a crunchy blend of organic puffed wheat, crisp rice and bran twigs is brimming with heart-healthy whole grains that are grown and processed without GMOs (USDA Organic)

    French Vanilla Granola breakfast cereal
    baked whole grain oats with rich French vanilla flavor (USDA Organic)

    Ginger Hemp Granola breakfast cereal
    filled with heart-healthy whole grain and omega-3s from hemp, goji for vitality and ginger to promote stamina (USDA Organic)

    Golden Honey Granola breakfast cereal
    wholesome whole grain oats enriched with flax with a touch of delicious honey (USDA Organic)


    Heart Goodness breakfast cereal
    organic corn and oats cereal with vitamins B6, B12 and E plus green tea antioxidants (USDA Organic)

    Hearty Raisin Bran breakfast cereal
    plump, tender raisins mixed with the natural sweetness of crunchy oat clusters and fresh flakes of crispy bran (USDA Organic)

    Mango Passion Low Fat Crisp breakfast cereal
    mango, crsipy corn flakes and oat clusters (96% Organic)

    Maple Pecan Crisp breakfast cereal
    blend of crunchy pecans, organic maple syrup, crispy corn flakes and scrumptious rolled oat clusters (70% Organic)

    Maple Raisin Low Fat Crisp breakfast cereal
    organic oat clusters, crispy corn flakes, loads of plump raisins and a touch of maple syrup (USDA Organic)

    Raspberry Ginger Low Fat Crisp breakfast cereal
    real raspberry pieces, crunchy oat clusters, and crispy corn flakes with a hint of zesty ginger spice (73% Organic)

    Vanilla Almond Crisp breakfast cereal
    delicious combination of mellow, natural vanilla, fresh corn flakes, sliced almonds, and crunchy oat clusters (70% Organic)

    Vanilla Nut Rainforest Crisp breakfast cereal
    vanilla oat clusters, crispy corn flakes and plenty of cashews (70% Organic)

    Wild Berry Crisp breakfast cereal
    strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries with naturally sweet oat clusters and crispy corn flakes (96% Organic)

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