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Kashi ®
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    7 Whole Grain Pilaf
    with Kashi Seven Whole Grains & Sesame

    Cocoa Beach Granola cereal
    seven whole grain clusters infused with natural cocoa and mixed with coconut and crunchy almonds

    GOLEAN Crunch! cereal, Honey Almond Flax
    naturally sweetened multigrain cluster cereal

    GOLEAN Crunch! cereal, Original
    naturally sweetened multigrain cluster cereal

    GOLEAN Roll! Bar, Caramel Peanut flavored
    Protein & Fiber Bar

    GOLEAN® Bar, Chocolate Almond Toffee flavored
    crunchy bits of toffee and slivers of roasted almonds (Original, Chewy)

    GOLEAN® Bar, Cookies 'n Cream flavored
    real crunchy cookies in a creamy filling, dunked in rich chocolate (Original, Chewy)

    GOLEAN® Bar, Frosted Spice Cake flavored
    a blend of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, topped with creamy frosting (Original, Chewy)

    GOLEAN® Bar, Honey Vanilla Yogurt flavored
    real honey dunked in creamy vanilla yogurt with a hearty whole grain texture (Original, Chewy)

    GOLEAN® Bar, Malted Chocolate Crisp flavored
    bar with a light, chocolaty center covered with delicious chocolate coating (Original, Chewy)

    GOLEAN® Bar, Mocha Java flavored
    real roasted coffee beans with robust chocolate flavor (Original, Chewy)

    GOLEAN® Bar, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie flavored
    real plump raisins, whole grain oats, and a hint of cinnamon (Original, Chewy)

    GOLEAN® Bar, Peanut Butter & Chocolate flavored
    real roasted creamy peanut butter dunked in rich chocolate (Original, Chewy)

    GOLEAN® Bar, Strawberries 'n Cream flavored
    strawberries dunked in creamy vanilla yogurt (Original, Chewy)

    GOLEAN® Bar, Strawberries Vanilla Yogurt flavored
    strawberries dunked in creamy vanilla yogurt (Original, Chewy)

    GOLEAN® cereal - Original
    High Protein & High Fiber Cereal - crunchy fiber twigs, soy protein grahams, and honey puffs


    GOLEAN® Crunchy! Bar, Chocolate Carmel Karma flavored
    crunchy caramel corn and chocolate

    GOLEAN® Crunchy! Bar, Chocolate Peanut Bliss flavored
    chocolate and roasted peanut butter

    GOLEAN® Crunchy! Bar, Sublime Lemon-Lime flavored
    all-natural snack full of the zing of lemons and limes

    GOLEAN® Shake Mix, Chocolate flavored

    GOLEAN® Shake Mix, Vanilla flavored

    GOLEAN® Shake, Chocolate flavored
    Ready-To-Drink (canned)

    GOLEAN® Shake, Vanilla flavored
    Ready-To-Drink (canned)

    GOLEAN® Waffles (2), Blueberry flavored
    with real, plump juicy blueberries

    GOLEAN® Waffles (2), Original flavored
    with a hint of vanilla

    Good Friends cereal
    a high fiber trio of flakes, twigs and granola

    Good Friends Cinna-Raisin Crunch cereal
    a crunchy quartet of flakes, blossoms, granola and raisins

    Lemon Rosemary Chicken
    grilled chicken breast with sugar snap peas & baby portabello mushrooms, Kashi 7 Whole Grains & Sesame Pilaf, and Lemon Rosemary & White Wine Sauce (frozen)

    Organic Promise® - Autumn Wheat™ cereal
    Organic Whole Wheat Biscuits With A Kiss Of Natural Sweetness

    Organic Promise® - Cranberry Sunshine™ cereal
    Organic Crackly Whole Corn Flakes with Sun-Drenched Organic Cranberries

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