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Graeter's ®
25 total items
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    Black Cherry Ice Cream
    sweet black cherry halves blended in natural cherry flavored ice cream

    Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream
    with hand selected black raspberries from Oregon's premier grower

    Buckeye Blitz Ice Cream
    chocolate ice cream fortified with creamy peanut butter flavor and with peanut butter cookie dough pieces and chocolate chips

    Butter Pecan Ice Cream
    Oprah Winfrey's favorite!

    Caramel Ice Cream
    carmelized premium brown sugar and fresh cream

    Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream
    extra rich deep chocolate ice cream loaded with chunks of fudgy chocolate brownies

    Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    premium vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate chips

    Chocolate Ice Cream
    made using Graeter's own secret blend of premium Dutched cocoas

    Coconut Chip Ice Cream
    creamy coconut ice cream laced with chocolate chips

    Coffee Ice Cream
    made with exceptionally rich 100% Arabica bean coffee

    Cookie Dough Chip Ice Cream
    cookie dough added to French Pot ice cream with dark chocolate chips


    Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
    creamy vanilla ice cream laced with large Oreo brand cookie chunks

    Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    chocolate ice cream and big dark chocolate chips

    Lemon Sorbet

    Mango Sorbet
    flavored with nothing but mango fruit and lemon juice

    Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    with triple distilled peppermint oil and chocolate chips

    Mocha Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    thick double expresso and mocha cappuccino, extra creamy

    Peanut Butter Chip Ice Cream
    milk chocolate chips nestled in creamy peanut butter ice cream

    Pralines & Cream
    premium vanilla ice cream with praline pecans slow cooked in a sugary syrup

    Raspberry Sorbet
    made with a specially prepared raspberry puree from the Pacific Northwest US

    Strawberry Chip Ice Cream
    combines Oregon Totum strawberries with rich dark chocolate chips

    Strawberry Ice Cream
    made with hand-selected premium Oregon Totum strawberries

    Strawberry Sorbet
    made with a hand-selected fresh Oregon Totum strawberries

    Toffee Chip Ice Cream
    classic vanilla ice cream combined with chunks of genuine Heath® toffee and milk chocolate chips

    Vanilla Ice Cream
    made with a proprietary blend of whole vanilla beans, freshly ground with sugar and blended into creamy egg custard based ice cream

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