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Dairy Queen® Nutrition Facts

Strawberry Blizzard, small

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Nutrition Facts

Calories and Nutrition Facts Label for Dairy Queen Strawberry Blizzard, small - Fat, Carbohydrate, Protein, Fiber Points, Vitamins and Minerals

BlizzardŽ by Dairy Queen

American Dairy Queen Corporation
Corporate Headquarters
7505 Metro Blvd
Edina, MN 55439
Phone: (952) 830-0200
Website: DairyQueen.com

This nutritional information presumes and is dependent upon the operator of the franchised restaurant complying with preparation, ingredient, supply, and portioning requirements. Variations may occur due to differences in procedures at restaurants. Seasonal differences and slight variations among different manufacturers must also be expected. If you have specific questions about certain procedures or ingredients, please ask the operator of the franchised Dairy QueenŽ restaurant that you visit.
Cooked Food Products: The nutritional information provided above for cooked food products is for approved products sold in Dairy QueenŽ restaurants that participate in the BrazierŽ food program. Many franchised Dairy QueenŽ restaurants, due to historical circumstances, do not currently participate in the BrazierŽ food program. For example, none of the restaurants in Texas or Alabama sell BrazierŽ food products. In most other states, there are certain restaurants that sell BrazierŽ food products, and certain restaurants that sell food products that are not BrazierŽ products. The nutritional information provided above for cooked food is only applicable to those restaurants that sell approved BrazierŽ products. The nutritional information for cooked food products sold at other Dairy QueenŽ (non BrazierŽ) restaurants is different from the nutritional information for BrazierŽ products. You can identify franchised Dairy QueenŽ restaurants that participate in the BrazierŽ food program by the “Brazier” or “limited BrazierŽ” signs at the restaurant, or by asking the restaurant operator. Nutritional analysis was performed by R-TECH and Commercial Testing Laboratory, Inc. Representative values from manufacturers and USDA were also used.
Frozen Cake and Treat Products: Currently, certain franchised Dairy QueenŽ restaurants in the states of Illinois and New Jersey, due to historical circumstances, use soft serve mix for making Dairy QueenŽ cakes and/or treat products that differs, sometimes significantly, from the standard Dairy QueenŽ mix. The differences, which includes increased butter fat content for the restaurants in New Jersey, do affect the nutritional characteristics of the cakes and/or treat products sold in these restaurants. If you have questions about the mix used at these franchised restaurants, please ask the restaurant operator.

SOURCE: Letter from company
UPDATED ON: 9/5/2003

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