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Beverly International Nutrition® Nutrition Facts

100% Ultimate Egg White Protein powder

high-protein powdered mix

see also: Triscuit, Original flavor (Nabisco)

Nutrition Facts

Calories and Nutrition Facts Label for Beverly International Nutrition 100% Ultimate Egg White Protein powder - Fat, Carbohydrate, Protein, Fiber Points, Vitamins and Minerals

Egg white solids, natural flavor, papain and bromelain.

Amino Acids per Serving:
1.3g Alanine
1.3g Arginine
2.3g Aspartic Acid
0.6g Cystine
3.1g Glutamic Acid
0.8g Glycine
0.5g Histidine
1.3g Isoleucine
1.9g Leucine
1.6g Lysine
0.8g Methionine
1.3g Phenylalanine
0.9g Proline
1.6g Serine
1.0g Threonine
0.3g Tryptophan
0.9g Tyrosine
1.5g Valine


SOURCE: Company Web Site
UPDATED ON: 7/7/2004

NOTE: Information may be out-dated

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